Meditation & Emotional Health

By now we’ve all come across the list of benefits associated with a regular meditation practice. Meditation decrease blood pressure, lowers levels of anxiety, reduces insomnia, helps bring greater mental focus, increases our sense of well-being, helps us to relax, and increases our energy.

When I embarked on my meditation journey I started to experience that meditation is also one of the many ways that we can rewire our brain and condition our mind!

Breast Cancer Series (Introduction)

This post introduces readers to some of the available treatment options for all phases of breast cancer.  I present my method of treatment but there are numerous therapies and modalities available to patients.  If natural therapies are of interest, I suggest trying a few different kinds to determine the right fit.  I address the physical & mental aspects to recovery but by no means am advocating that this type of work is necessary for all

Self-Massage For Breast Tissue

The mobility of your breasts is a central component to keeping this area healthy and symptom-free.  Lymphatic drainage, optimal circulation, and healthy fascia are directly connected. 

I will dedicate a future post to fascia and why it is so important, but for now here is a basic

An Important Tip For Pain Relief During Exercise

40-60% of women experience breast pain during exercising, so much so that some avoid exercise all together. Yet regular workouts are a crucial part of maintaining optimal health in the entire body.

Here Dr. Jenny White discusses the link between breast pain & exercise and how an adequate

BRA Day 2014

Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day or #BRADay2014 was held in Toronto on October 15th.

Women came together to learn about their Breast Reconstruction options and help each other through the Show & Tell Lounge. This was where women with various reconstructive procedures showed other women the results of their breast reconstructions and discussed