BRA Day 2014

Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day or #BRADay2014 was held in Toronto on October 15th.

Women came together to learn about their Breast Reconstruction options and help each other through the Show & Tell Lounge. This was where women with various reconstructive procedures showed other women the results of their breast reconstructions and discussed their personal experiences.

It was an incredibly powerful way to engage with the information that was presented in the first half of the evening. Seven of Toronto's plastic surgeons spoke about reconstruction approaches and educated the audience on the risks and benefits. This was followed by a Q&A session. Nipple areola tattooing was also presented.


I snapped this photo at the end of the presentations. Pictured are the presenters & their lecture topics: Dr. Brown (the future of bra day), Dr. Snell (choosing the right type of reconstruction), Dr. O'Neill (reconstruction after radiation), Dr. Mahoney (prophylactic mastectomy), Dr. Musgrave (direct-to-implant reconstruction), Dr. Lipa (balancing the other breast), Dr. Semple (fat grafting in breast reconstruction), Dr. Beber (reconstructing the nipple), Kyla Gutsche (nipple areola tattooing), Kate Mlodzik (invite to show & tell lounge).

Wow! Such an important and well-organized event!! For more information please visit:

The #BRADay2014 Toronto flagship event was covered by Global News. Copy & paste this link into your internet browser to watch the clip: