Breast Treatment


Breast treatment always includes preliminary work in the upper body and surrounding structures.  These areas have a strong relationship to breast tissue circulation, mobility, and drainage.  The healthy function of the muscular, fascial and lymphatic systems of the upper body optimizes the health of breast tissue.

The breast tissue itself is treated by using Manual Lymph Drainage and General Swedish Massage techniques, hydrotherapy applications, and in some cases Fasical Remodeling to improve tissue quality. 

This multidimensional approach has quick results and long-lasting benefits. The treatment is holistic yet specific, with various draping options available to suit the preference of each client. 


Benefits of



Optimizes healthy breast tissue (enhances circulation and drainage)

Restores softness

Assists with breast monitoring

Educates in self examination/self massage

Reduces upper body restriction 

Improves scar quality

Prevents and/or relieves pain, discomfort, and congestion from:

  • Premenstrual and menopausal tenderness
  • Pregnancy, breastfeeding
  • Bra compression/chronic restriction
  • Drainage problems (general tendency, postural issues, large breasts)
  • Life cycle changes
  • Benign breast conditions
  • Breast trauma (car accidents, falls)
  • Poor quality scarring
  • Surgical procedures (cosmetic, diagnostic, medical treatment)

Indications for



Lymphedema following cancer treatment (surgery/radiation)

Post-operative edema (cosmetic, diagnostic, medical treatment)

Traumatic edema (falls/accidents)

To help with wounds, burns, scar tissue, fibrosis 

To decrease pain

To restore fluid equilibrium in the tissue

To promote relaxation/reduce anxiety

To strengthen lymphatic function


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Working with a skilled practitioner:

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Helps to reduce the symptoms associated with common breast health issues. Breast tissue responds very quickly to treatment, and within one session clients can feel a difference.  Breast massage can also be requested for symptom-free breasts, becoming part of a client's overall maintenance and preventative program.  It is also a wonderful way to monitor for changes in the breast tissue and to learn some self-massage techniques.

Prior to surgery:

Fascial and Manual Lymph Drainage treatments can help prepare the affected tissues by opening the fascia and giving the lymphatic channels a boost.  The body is then better prepared to accommodate any physical changes.  Additionally since the MLD technique is painless and relaxing, it is a wonderful way to prepare the mind and body for medical treatment. 

Post surgery:

The treatments help patients safely recover from their procedures.  Where there is joint restriction, fatigue, numbness, swelling, and/or pain, the treatments help clients return to their regular activities faster, thereby improving their quality of life as they recover.  The long-term impact of invasive procedures is minimized, allowing for changes in the body to be functionally integrated.  Receiving therapy post-operatively also has a positive effect on a patient’s emotional recovery and sense of well-being.