CAUSES of Breast Pain

Mastalgia or breast pain is a common part of most women's lives and can range from mild to severe.  Breast tissue goes through numerous shifts and changes over time and most of what is felt is a normal part of the body’s rhythms and cycles.  Most women are surprised to hear that there are ways to naturally relieve the symptoms that they feel from common breast conditions.  In fact breast tissue responds very quickly to treatment and clients can often feel a significant difference after only one session. 

Although 'breast health' is often associated with 'cancer', 90% of cases brought to medical attention are benign.

3 Aggravating Factors

While there are numerous conditions that trigger discomfort, most of the pain that is  experienced is usually caused by 3 aggravating factors:

  • Congestion
  • Restriction
  • Compromised circulation

These can show up as mild to severe discomfort, tenderness, soreness, sensitivity, swelling, or pain. 


Asymptomatic (promotes existing health)

Premenstrual or menopausal tenderness (hormonal)

Pain during pregnancy & breastfeeding (rapid change, functional use, mastitis)

Pain from bra compression/chronic restriction/inadequate breast support (bra issue)

Referred pain from surrounding tissue (muscle strain, trigger points)

Drainage problems (general tendency, postural issues, large breasts)

Benign breast conditions (cysts, fibrous tissue, duct ectasia, etc)

Breast implants/Breast explants (capsular contracture, scar tissue)

Breast trauma (car accidents, falls)

Poor quality scarring

Surgical procedures (cosmetic, diagnostic, medical treatment)